Think that just because you’re armed with a working kitchen and plenty of Pinterest boards on DIY facials, you can be a beauty product formulator? Think again.

DIY crafts, gifts or even candles can be a lot of fun to make and use. But when it comes to products that you slather on your skin - with ingredients that could potentially penetrate into your body - caution is required. Here are the top reasons why DIY beauty should only be adopted by those with skin as thick as a rhino’s:

1. You’re not a guinea pig

While BSKIN is 100% against animal testing, all our products have been rigorously tested and studied over years for safety and efficacy. So that you don’t have to suffer through allergic reactions or other forms of damage in the name of beauty.

Just because an ingredient is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe. Poison ivy serum, anyone? So before smearing mayo on your face as a mask, think about the bacteria found in the rancid oil, and the pore-clogging fat in the condiment.

2. You’re not a chemist

Not trying to knock any skincare mogul in the making, but unless you have a degree in cosmetic chemistry, leave the formulation of products to the experts. Why? The pros have spent years learning the science of skincare, before spending even more years learning about their science and craft through working in cosmetic labs. They have access to research to determine the best formulas proven to work and be safe for your skin.

For example, skin has a very slightly acidic pH level to chase away unfriendly bacteria. And when this barrier is out of whack, your skin is going to protest big time. Popular DIY ingredients like citrus fruits are the biggest culprits for disrupting the balance of this “acid mantle” on your skin. Highly acidic fruits like lemons can cause chemical burns, for example. But if it’s brighter skin that you seek when you use a lemon mask, why not try BSKIN’s V3 Intense PAF Concentrate instead? Containing an unbeatable 20% concentration of stabilised L-Ascorbic Acid, this gentle yet potent serum provides true anti-oxidant protection and revitalises and rejuvenates dull, sagging skin.

3. Skin is a delicate thing

While it doesn’t seem like much slapping on your favourite potions and lotions on a daily basis, your skin is incredibly complex and fragile. While many DIY scrubs call for the use of sugar, the sharp angles of the sugar crystals are too abrasive for use on the face. Instead, BSKIN’s scientists employ uniformly-shaped microcrystalline cellulose beads that gently cleanses skin. They also decompose after use and do not leave a polluting footprint in the environment.

4. Rotten luck

Food-type DIY recipes might have great Instagram potential, but they are also potent bacteria breeding grounds. If you won’t eat food that has gone bad, why slap a homemade mask on your face after it’s been sitting around in the fridge? Instead, try products that do not contain harmful chemical preservatives like phenoxyethanol and parabens yet stay fresh. How? BSKIN products are housed in smart packaging like airless pump bottles that keep the products pure by protecting them from excess exposure to air, or come with mini spatulas to allow for small amounts of cream to be removed from jars without contamination.