Living in a tropical region means constant, unwanted exposure to heat all year round. But while feeling like you’re living in a sauna might not do much for your stress levels, controlled exposure to heat actually works wonders on your skin.

Besides employing micro-currents, vibrations and red LED light to massage, lift, and rejuvenate skin, BSKIN’s ELVi heats skin to a specific temperature of 42 deg C. This gentle and controlled heat therapy triggers a healing process with multiple benefits. Here is how it works:

1. Our body is amazingly designed to protect us from the elements. And one way it does so is through the production of heat shock proteins (HSPs). They are formed when the body is stressed by heat, sun radiation or injured, working to curb or repair cellular damage to cells.

2. The ELVi harnesses the body’s magical ability to heal by comfortably heating the skin and triggering the formation of these proteins. In turn, the HSPs prevents the damage of elements crucial for retaining youthful skin.

3. For one, fibroblasts are a type of cell that produces collagen — which keeps skin firm and bouncy. They are damaged when exposed over time to unstable, cells-wrecking free radicals from UV rays, pollution and other aggressors. HSPs have shown to reduce the damage to these fibroblasts, thereby protecting skin from ageing due to free radicals.

4. Some of these useful proteins even play the role of antioxidants to reduce damage from sun exposure, while others up the production of skin-firming collagen. HSPs also help skin to heal and be rejuvenated. When skin is damaged or wounded, these smart proteins are stimulated to repair and protect skin cells, all while reducing inflammation.

5. By using the ELVi device regularly to increase your body’s superpower HSPs, skin becomes more elastic and lifted as collagen damage is curbed, and lines and wrinkles are less visible. Not bad for three minutes of pampering massage with the ELVi each day, don’t you think?