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"I decided to switch to BSKIN because I wanted to try out natural skincare with no harsh or harmful ingredients... Now BSKIN is my go to skincare brand."


"I haven't finished my set of Vita Advanced products yet, but my skin already looks healthier, I have less acne and less brown spots from my acne scars."


"In the past, I treated my acne-prone skin with medicated creams. But my acne did not improve and my skin became dry, flaky and red. Within a week of use, I finished the Travel Kit and my skin became more moisturized and felt more comfortable."


"After 2 weeks of using their products, it’s like WHAAAAT?! My face can reflect light like that?! My pores are smaller, skin tighter, pigmentation lighter. 2 weeks to almost entirely reverse 2 years of neglect."

Qiao Qing

"With my oily skin condition, severe acne and dull skin. I switched to the complete BSKIN V Line products and Anti-Acne 3C Spot Treatment. After 6 months, my acne reduced, I have brighter and even skin tone. After 1 year, I have clear and healthy skin."


"When I first started on BSKIN products, my face was not smooth and I had brown spots from acne. I used Vita Advanced products regularly and now my skin feels nourished and my spots have faded a lot."


"I started with Vita Advanced Travel Kit because of cystic acne near my eyes. I also had bad maskne on my chin. Now my maskne is under control and all that's left is to lighten my acne scars."


"At first I wanted to give up because I didn't see any immediate changes in my skin. But after several weeks of continued use, I noticed my skin looks clearer and more radiant. Now, I only get acne during my period and my acne scars are slowly fading. I'm quite amazed!"


"I have large and painful acne until there was pus, leaving behind reddish, black, and pockmarked scars. After using BSKIN for 5 months, some acne began to shrink and acne scars started to fade. The appearance of acne has also decreased."


"After giving birth, my skin was dry and peeling off. I tried various types of skincare and some caused breakouts and acne scars. After using Vita Advance for 3 months, my skin is supple, moisturised, and the acne scars are slowly fading."


"I struggle with acne-prone and sensitive skin. Due to my sensitivity, products tend to irritate my skin, leaving it red and inflamed. However, BSKIN products are gentle on my skin, it has also reduced the acne on my face greatly!"


"I have oily and sensitive skin with cystic acne. After using BSKIN Vita Advanced products and Anti-Acne 3C Spot Treatment regularly, my cystic acne healed completely. I am also using Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum to reduce my dark eye circles."


"I’ve been looking for a solution to my sensitive and bumpy skin. Ever since trying BSKIN’s products, I noticed that my skin has improved tremendously. Now my skin has become much smoother and firmer."


Safe, Natural, Effective

We harness the power of bee actives and nature’s superfoods through skin science to create smart, multi-tasking products that are free of harmful ingredients and chemical preservatives.

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