7-Day Challenge for Healthy, Clear Skin

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7-Day Challenge for Healthy, Clear Skin

7-Day Challenge for Healthy, Clear Skin

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7-Day Challenge for Healthy, Clear Skin

What is it that is preventing us from having healthy-looking skin? There are several factors, including the weather, food, skin type, lifestyle, and skincare routine.

7-Day Challenge for Healthy, Clear Skin

We all want beautiful, healthy-looking skin! Unfortunately, this is more difficult to accomplish for some people than it is for others because of the difference in skin type.

What is it that is preventing us from having healthy-looking skin? There are several factors, including the weather, food, skin type, lifestyle, and skincare routine.

Most of the time, we don't even notice how bad our skin is until it's too late. However, it's not too late to go back in time!

Even though it may seem impossible, we're here to help you get a healthy-looking glow on your face. The skin you've always wanted may be yours by just following our 7-Day Challenge for Healthy, Clear Skin.

Day 1: Remove your makeup EVERY single night

If you don't use makeup, be sure to wash your face before going to bed each night properly.

The most common cause of premature skin aging and breakouts is a lack of appropriate skin cleansing. Our skin might get inflamed and wrinkled if we don't remove our makeup well enough. If you believe that you are exempt from this since you don't use cosmetics, we have a surprise in store for you! During the day, your skin produces oil, which, if not removed, causes breakouts and accelerates the aging process.

It is now more important than ever to thoroughly cleanse our skin at night due to face masks. Even if you wear the mask for a brief trip to the coffee shop, germs will still accumulate on your face. Maskne (acne brought on by face masks) is a brand new problem that demands our attention.

What is the best way to remove my makeup and cleanse my face?

  • Makeup melt cleansing balm is an excellent place to start. It eliminates all of your makeup in a matter of seconds!
  • Afterward, wash your face gently with a face cleanser that won't strip your skin of its natural oils.

It will leave your skin feeling clean and fresh, yet it will never get dry, tight, or flaky.

Incorporating this into your day-to-day routine is a breeze. It doesn't get much better than this. Every night, doing this task shouldn't take more than five minutes. You'll be amazed at how happy your skin will be!

Day 2: Go to bed early and get some awesome sleep

Just as we require food and drink to exist, we also need sleep. Nothing beats a good night's rest, both physically and psychologically. It's an essential aspect of a healthy skin routine that is often overlooked.

Due to deadlines at work or other activities, getting enough sleep may be a secondary concern for many people. An organized daily routine helps alleviate stress and allows for adequate sleep. To avoid becoming overwhelmed at the last minute, it's helpful to plan out your days and weeks in advance.

Remember: Don't do all-nighters!

If you cannot get adequate sleep regularly, start with only a few nights per week at a time. Work your way up to ensure a good night's sleep every day of the week!

Day 3: Get a facial once a week

Impurities and dead skin can only be removed with the use of exfoliators. In certain cases, more or less exfoliation may be required, depending on your skin's physiology. With regular exfoliation, your pores' appearance will be reduced, and your skin will be more radiant and smoother. 

You can also consider a cleanser-cum-scrub that is gentle enough for daily use to cleanse thoroughly without drying out the skin.

Day 4: Stay hydrated by drinking enough water

You have likely heard this advice numerous times before, but it is very important. Sometimes, all that is needed for your skin is some internal hydration, which can only be delivered by water. Stay hydrated by drinking enough water instead of relying on caffeinated beverages like coffee, energy drinks, or fruit drinks.

Investing in an attractive water bottle that you'll want to use is a great idea if you want to increase the amount of water you drink but need daily reminders or motivation to do so. There are other ways that may serve as a reminder for the quantity of water you need to drink and when to do so.

Here are a few useful apps to help you stay on track:

  • Drink Water Reminder
  • Daily Water Tracker Reminder
  • Hydro Coach

To avoid acne and aging, you need to keep your skin well-hydrated. Make sure you drink enough water if you're a lover of coffee and energy drinks since these might deplete your body's water supply.

Hydration is equal to a healthy skin condition.

Day 5: Don't be harsh on your skin!

Those who often apply cosmetics should give their skin a day off. Relax your body and mind at the end of the week. It's the ideal way to begin a skin self-care weekend.

It's understandable if you're apprehensive about changing your daily routine and going out without makeup, but this is a challenge, right? If you're not quite ready to go a whole day without makeup, start small. Get creative with a lip gloss and a tinted moisturizer!

Day 6: Keep your hands off your face at all times

Although it may be a difficult habit to break, it is vital. Touching many different surfaces throughout the day while also touching our face can spread germs to our skin. 

Be mindful of the items your skin comes in contact with! Our mobile phones are little portable petri dishes and carry a lot of germs. When you're done using your phone, wipe it down with an alcoholic base wipe. It is advised that you clean it once daily, but you are free to clean it as often as you wish.

Day 7: Get rid of the gunk on your brushes!

Maintaining good brush hygiene is important. Beauty brushes are an essential part of your makeup process, but when they're unclean, they're filled with germs, dead skin cells, and greasy makeup residue. Extending the life of your brushes and preventing breakouts are just two of the many benefits of regularly cleaning your makeup brushes.

So how often should your brushes be cleaned?

It is recommended that you clean your brushes, sponges, and towel on a weekly basis. Beauty sponges should be cleaned and replaced every three to four months. Your beauty sponges may easily get clogged with dead skin cells and become infested with germs if not cleaned frequently.

We know it will be challenging. It's not an easy task to maintain clean and healthy skin; otherwise, everyone would already be doing it. But with a little amount of work, time, and devotion, it's definitely possible to do.

Remind yourself of the importance of consistency when you're having a hard time. Consistency and little tweaks over time make a genuine impact on your skincare routine. Keep going for a week to enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Before you begin the challenge, snap a selfie picture of yourself. You'll undoubtedly want something to look back on once your skin is glowing and clear.