Multi-Tasking Brush for fuss-free application

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Multi-Tasking Brush for fuss-free application

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Multi-Tasking Brush for fuss-free application

Time to make space on your dressing table for that ONE kabuki brush.

Multi-Tasking Brush for fuss-free application

Here, we’ll be sharing with you the one tool you’ll need to achieve that flawless, polished look to best present a radiant you.


Multi-Tasking Kabuki Brush

We’re all (a little - hic) guilty of amassing one too many beauty accessories, each serving a different purpose. But what if we told you that there exists a multi-tasking brush which can be used for various forms of powder make-up (yes, we’re talking loose powder, pressed powder, blush and bronzer), cream and liquid formulas. Time to make space on your dressing table for that ONE kabuki brush.

A versatile makeup tool characterised by a short handle, dense bristles and a rounded head, kabuki brushes originated from Japan and were used by drama theatre performers to apply elaborate makeup. Not only does the kabuki brush allow uniform application of make-up, its large head also makes it suitable for applying make-up over large areas of skin - namely the face, neck and cleavage.

How to Use


  • Powder Makeup:

Swirl your kabuki brush in a circular motion to pick-up the powder then gently tap off the excess and swirl it onto your skin. 

When applying highlighter, blush or bronzer, use soft sweeping strokes. 


  • Liquid/Cream Formula:

Squeeze some foundation onto the back of your hand and dip the kabuki brush into the formula. Using circular motion, buff the formula onto your skin. 



Spray your hairspray 3-5 inches away from your kabuki brush. Use the brush to smooth away stubborn flyaways for a polished look.



Enhance your shoulders, decolletage and collar bone with an illuminating highlighter. Swirl your kabuki brush in the highlighter and buff it onto your skin in small circular motions.  


Caring For Your Kabuki Brush

You may have heard that dirty brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria and it’s true. We recommend washing your brushes weekly to keep it bacteria-free and by doing so, protecting your skin from bacteria.  

  1. Swirl your brush bristles on a brush cleaner (this could be a solution or even in the form of a soap bar) and rinse. 

  2. We recommend using a silicone brush cleaning mat to thoroughly clean your bristles so that it is free of any residual make-up. 

  3. Repeat the process of using the cleaner, cleaning mat (if available), and rinse until the water runs clear. 

  4. Use a towel to absorb the moisture from the brush and leave it to dry without the bristles getting crinkled. 


Ready, Get Set, Buff!

Eager to start buffing your skin to flawless perfection?  Get your hands on our Multi-Tasking Kabuki Brush with this BYOR (Build Your Own Routine) set.

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