Pro Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin While Traveling

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Pro Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin While Traveling

Pro Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin While Traveling

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Pro Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin While Traveling

Traveling is wonderful, but we cannot deny that sometimes it is difficult to take care of our skin when we go on a trip.

Pro Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin While Traveling

We all love to travel. Flying to different destinations, going on holidays, visiting new places, getting to know new cultures, delighting our palates with different cuisines. Traveling is wonderful, but we cannot deny that sometimes it is difficult to take care of our skin when we go on a trip.

As a beauty expert and tireless traveler, I know that sometimes we forget about our facial care when we are on vacation, but I also know that precisely in those moments is when our skin needs us the most. The long hours of flight, the change in diet, excessive sun exposure, and changes in altitude are some factors that affect our skin when we go on a trip.

I will give you the best tips to take care of your skin when you go on a trip.

1. Don't Forget to Protect Yourself From The Sun by Making Sunscreen Your Best Friend

Sometimes when we travel, we enjoy these new experiences so much that we forget about sunscreen altogether.

The last thing you want to happen to you on your vacation is having to deal with sunburn, as annoying as it can be.

In my multiple trips through tropical places and near the equator, I have almost always dealt with an imposing sun. The king star is a real danger to our skin when we travel.

Many people do not like to apply sunscreen, but no one can deny its importance, especially if you are one of those people who burn as soon as the first ray of sunlight hits you.

In case you don't like applying a sticky white substance on your face and body, there are now a number of different alternatives at your disposal: the typical cream sunscreen, spray sunscreen, and makeup sunscreen. However, don't forget to consider your skin type before choosing a particular sunscreen, as not all of them are suitable for every skin.

Always protect yourself from the sun with hats and sunscreens suitable for your skin type.

2. Use a Face Mist

A face mist is something that you should never miss in your luggage. There is no better way to hydrate and refresh the skin during the day than using a face mist. Face mists are facial sprays or toners that contain moisturizing, soothing, and refreshing ingredients.

They are perfect for carrying in your bag and spraying on your face whenever you feel dryness, tightness, or excessive heat. The face mist is the ideal ally on one of those days of travel in which you do not stop walking or when you are sunbathing on the beach.

3. Take Care of Your Skin While Traveling by Drinking Plenty of Water

I don't think this will surprise you, but just in case, it is confirmed that drinking enough water works miracles for our body and skin.

Many individuals drink sugary beverages to replenish their bodies when traveling, but this does nothing for the skin. On the other hand, drinking enough water does wonder for your skin. On average, men lose about 2 liters of water in a flight, while women lose about 1.6 liters, which is about 4% of our total body water. This is why your mouth always feels dry during and after a long flight. This means that you need to drink as much water as you do at home and make up for what you lose while flying.

Do not forget to bring a purifying water bottle – or tablets – so you can hydrate whenever and wherever.

4. Always Keep in Mind The Climate in The Area in Which You Will Travel

Most of the time, tourists misjudge the impact of a new climate on their skin. Coming prepared is critical in assisting our skin to adjust to the changes that occur when we travel.

For example, if you're going somewhere cold and dry, you'll need to pack some moisturizers, and a good lip moisturizer can prevent your skin from cracking. Similarly, if you travel to a place with hot and humid weather, you will likely have oily skin and be more prone to breakouts. In these cases, carrying some oil-free products is always an excellent option.

5. Moisturize Your Skin as Many Times as Necessary

Yes, I admit that I don't usually like it either – and I don't really know why – probably because of the contact of creams with my epidermis. However, the fundamental guideline for excellent skin is a good moisturizer regardless of the conditions. Simple, mild moisturizers are the most effective.

Remember that you should not only worry about it when you are already traveling to your destination. But many factors can vary the PH level of your skin while you are in a closed and narrow space, such as a train, bus, or flight. That is why you must apply some moisturizer before stepping out.

6. Do Not Abuse The Makeup Base

Overly heavy makeup bases are not recommended if you are traveling or on vacation. These can block pores and make it difficult for the skin to breathe.

There are many great alternatives to a heavy foundation, like a good tinted moisturizer or oil-free mineral powder. Foundation tends to get very greasy after just a few hours and can end up clogging the pores, causing more skin problems and leaving it looking tired. Some great products are available to avoid this type of crunch and make your face and eyes look brighter and fresher without tons of creamy makeup.

Using light products that keep the skin looking dewy and without feeling heavy will help you take care of your skin when you go on a trip.

7. Facial Cleansing: Your Best Ally

When traveling, our skin accumulates more substances that make it dirty than normal. Cleaning wipes may be a quick and easy option, but they are certainly not the ideal solution. Cleansing wipes cannot remove traces of dirt, sweat, and pollution from our skin.

If you want to take care of your skin while traveling, I recommend you cleanse your skin thoroughly at the end of the day. You need a quality facial cleanser good enough for your skin type. This product will take care of your skin much more than wipes and leave your face feeling much silkier, without irritation or discomfort.

8. Make Use of Lipstick

In addition to taking care of your skin, you should also take care of your lips since they are one of the most sensitive areas of your face.

The lips suffer a lot from changes in temperature and environment. The wind and the sun are the factors that most affect the appearance of our lips.

If you want to show off perfect lips even while on vacation, don't forget to take your lip balm in your bag.

Pack All Your Skin Products in Small Jars

Although you might like to pack an entire arsenal of skin care products, you have to consider that you only have limited space in your bags. But how do you pack all your skin essentials without taking up too much space? Well, by putting different doses in small ecological travel-size containers. What if you can't find the perfect containers for your trip? You can always DIY or use any reusable container.