Still Looking for that Perfect Gift? Check out our Christmas Guide!

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Still Looking for that Perfect Gift? Check out our Christmas Guide!

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Still Looking for that Perfect Gift? Check out our Christmas Guide!

For those who are still doing last-minute Christmas shopping, check out our Christmas gift guide. This year with our loved ones in mind, we've specially curated five festive sets to give them The Gift of Great Skin. 

Still Looking for that Perfect Gift? Check out our Christmas Guide!

The idea of gifting leaves us feeling conflicted every Christmas. There’s the sense of dread-what should we gift that hasn’t already been given (looks heavenward); and there’s the anticipation of this year’s festive beauty sets – boy, do we loveeeee those Christmas exclusives!

This year with our loved ones in mind, we’ve specially curated five festive sets to give them The Gift of Great Skin. We’ve paired our award-winning products and bestsellers with beauty tools to supercharge your skin. You know our products work, and there’s no better way to make your loved ones glow (quite literally) than to share what you endorse.

Come along now! Let’s help you find that perfect gift!



The Facial Lover, The Beauty Buff

Know someone who is an avid facial-goer? Or someone who enjoys trying new beauty products in the name of achieving a higher order of beauty? We’ve got the perfect gift for you – we mean, them.

Picture enjoying a soothing facial massage with a set of ice globes and pair it with one of our three award-winning serums to supercharge your skin for perceptible radiance, minimised pores and reduced puffiness. 

Psst.. for more hacks on how to use the ice globes, check out our tips here.


For the one who likes all things bling

Forget that shiny rock on your finger. You’re just about to wear the only bling you need. On your face.


Our Detox and Glow Set ($86) comes with a pair of ice globes and our award-winning White Glow Enriched Brightening Serum which brightens and hydrates the skin; making it firmer, healthier and more radiant.

Let’s get glowing!


For the one who is badly in need of some shut-eye (or needs to at least look the part)


Perk up those peepers with our Bright Eyes All-Rounder Set ($85). The ice globes coupled with our bestselling Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum is a winning combination which hydrates and brightens the under-eye area, reduces fine lines and puffiness and lightens dark eye circles. 


For the health geek

We all know that someone who is (a wee bit) enthusiastic about keeping their body in top form. And why stop there? Share some love with your skin – it needs a good dose of Vitamin C too!


Our Vita-C Booster Set ($99) brightens and evens the skin tone, smooths out fine lines and boosts collagen production with the help of our all-time favourite Vita Advanced Intense PAF Concentrate and trusty ice globes.


K-Beauty, Red Carpet Buffs


Advocate of Korean “Glass Skin”? Got an album clipped with red carpet looks by Emma Watson or Keira Knightley? Achieve that highly-coveted polished look with our Bare Faced Beautiful Set ($83) which comes complete with our award-winning multi-tasking Smart Skin Cream, well-loved Flawless Finish Perfecting Loose Powder and Limited Edition Rose Gold Kabuki Brush. 

NB: We’ve got some hacks covered on how to use the multi-tasking kabuki brush for maximum results here.


Merry Maker


Dolled up, check! Fancy clothes, check! Calendar full of celebrations, check check check! 

Bust unwanted zits and put your best face forward this festive season with our Party SOS Kit ($58) which comes with our effective Anti-Acne 3C Spot Treatment and well-loved Flawless Finish Perfecting Loose Powder which nourishes the skin and controls shine, leaving your complexion flawless and radiant.


If you missed Part I of our festive beauty hacks, read on here to discover how ice globes can help you attain "Glass Skin" and elevate your skin’s natural radiance! It’s really not that hard to look good au naturale - not if you have the help of ice globes. 

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